Rolling Stock

Sarah Last | Curator

Sarah Last is the Curator Rolling Stock, which features site specific performances, installations and collaborations between artists, visiting audiences and the local Junee community in unconventional locations.




Sarah Last is an artist and freelance curator. Born and raised in the South West Riverina, Sarah has been producing site specific cross-media projects in rural NSW for the past 10 years. She was a core member of the Wagga Space Program (2000-2006), and more recently a founding member of The WIRED Lab.

Sarah prefers to not distinguish her curatorial work from her arts practice, as she thinks they have very similar processes and concerns. Her regionally based projects reflect creative curatorial interests in pluralistic cross-media approaches to the production of art, and how this challenges conventions and provides decentralised modes of production, consumption and historicisation.  Sarah’s curatorial practice conveys a sustained interest in peoples perceptions of art and a belief that this is largely influenced by the ways in which people access and experience art, consequently her projects have utilised regional and unconventional non-institutional contexts as a means to challenge preconceived notions of art and the spaces in which it exists.