Rolling Stock

Ryszard Dabek

For Rolling Stock, Dabek will be presenting a new video and sound work that explores the space between the document and the detail. The work titled Emptiness is based on a series of photographs taken in 2002 that catalogue the surviving architecture of failed or abandoned commercial enterprises in regional New South Wales.  Originally exhibited in 2004 as a series of ten large-scale colour prints, this new re-versioning of the work revisits the archive to reveal a history written on the landscape by forces both unseen and barely imaginable.




Ryszard Dabek is an artist, writer and academic whose work has exhibited both nationally and internationally. His artistic practice encompasses a number of forms and mediums including video, sound, and interactive media. These imaging and dissemination technologies are used to posit a fluid, expanded field of inquiry where the photographic image is often used as a departure point. Much of Dabek’s recent work coalesces around ideas engaged with the recent past and in particular the idea of a present haunted by the spectral vestiges of Modernity. Recent works include the curatorial project “Species of Spaces” (West Space 2009), the solo exhibition “You Were There With Me” (ICAN 2009) and a series of live video-based performances with improvising musicians Espadrille.