Rolling Stock

pvi collective

pvi collective will be in-residence in Junee for one week prior to Rolling Stock, working on a site-specific version of their tug-of-war live art work resist.

resist is a participatory work which invites members of the public to engage in a tug-of-war competition fighting to resolve a series of issues that have the community divided. Once resolved, results are formally delivered to the most powerful person in the area.

Armed with a 20 metre length of rope and a list of contentious issues to solve resist: junee will take place on-board two train carriages. pvi will be seeking out champions on the train who exhibit a sense of true conviction, some fighting spirit and a good sense of balance!

resist: junee will be devised by core and associate artists kelli mccluskey & jackson castiglione and will feature creative comrade jen jamieson.


photo: santiago by selina ou] 2007


pvi collective are a tactical media arts group who produce interdisciplinary artworks that are intent on the creative disruption of everyday life. every artwork aims to affect audiences on a personal and political level and is geared towards instigating tiny revolutions. we make performances, exhibit in galleries and stage interventions in public and corporate spaces. works are often highly participatory, physically demanding, site responsive and politically charged.

in 2008 pvi initiated cia studios [centre for interdisciplinary arts] which is situated in an old school on the cusp of perth city centre. pvi program and manage this space alongside our own independent projects. cia offers residency opportunities for artists whose practice sits on the edges of traditional artforms, as well as providing short term project spaces for practitioners who are keen to work alongside like-minded peers, experiment with new ideas and develop new projects. since 2008 pvi have programmed a series of national and international creative labs as well as informal talks, forums and symposia that aim to share experience, knowledge and working methodologies with independent artists and groups.

over the past decade pvi have played to over 250,000 people, devised and performed 38 major works, instigated over 60 tactical interventions, featured in 15 national and international exhibitions, have toured to over 45 renowned venues and festivals including the museum of contemporary arts sydney, santiago, jogyakarta, the biennale of sydney and singapore national museum and have worked collaboratively with over 150 artists from around the country.