Rolling Stock

Chris Watson (UK)

Acclaimed UK artist CHRIS WATSON is travelling to Australia specifically to participate in ROLLING STOCK. WATSON is known for his early work as founding member of influential experimental music group Cabaret Voltaire, and more recently for his work as a BAFTA award winning field recordist for David Attenborough, BBC Nature documentaries and feature films.  For ROLLING STOCK Watson will be premiering recordings from his forthcoming album 'El Tren Fantasma' - The Ghost Train’. Utilising sounds from recording work for the documentary series ‘Great Train Journeys’ with Rick Stein in Mexico, ‘El Tren Fantasma’ will be recontextualised for ROLLING STOCK train via live surround sound mixes as the train ventures through significant landmarks.

Hear 'El Tren Fantasma' and other installations on Saturday 20th November at Rolling Stock tickets on sale here . Watson will also be performing 'A Journey South'  live in Sydney on Wednesday 24th November.



El Tren Fantasma

Step on board the ghost train and take a trip across Mexico from coast to coast  Los Mochis to Veracruz.

Rattle through a sonic landscape cross country Pacific to Atlantic on an acoustic journey through the heart of Mexico on board the most exciting, beautiful, and dynamic engineering project this country has ever seen.

A gentle breeze sighing through the pine forests along the track around the Copper Canyon, the deep menacing rumbles of engines 1008 and 8402 in infrasonic unison pulling eight carriages uphill past the silver mines of Zacatecas.  ‘El Tren Fantasma’is a time compressed tone poem celebrating the atmospheres and rhythms along the track, through deserts, mountains and cities on the last great passenger service the State railway system operated in the Spring of 1998.


A sound recordist with a particular and passionate interest in recording the wildlife sounds of animals, habitats and atmospheres from around the world. As a freelance recordist for film, tv & radio, Chris Watson specialises in natural history and documentary location sound together with track assembly and sound design in post production.

Chris Watson is a musician and sound recordist specialising in natural history. His work as a sound wildlife sound recordist includes both work for television documentaries and experimental musical collaborations. Watson was a founding member of two influential experimental music groups, Cabaret Voltaire and The Hafler Trio, and since the 1980′s has worked as a sound recordist specialising in nature and the natural world around us. He records wildlife, the sounds of animals and habitats from around the globe. Watson has recorded and produced the sound for a number of acclaimed documentary series such as David Attenborough’s “The Life of Birds and The Life of Mammals” films, “The Big Cat Diary” and Bill Oddie’s “Wildside” bird watching series. He is a renown BBC sound recordist and artist working all over the world. He has worked extensively throughout Central & South America which habitates over half of the planets wildlife.

Watson has released three solo albums of field recordings: Outside the Circle of Fire, Stepping into the Dark (which won an Award of Distinction at the 2000 Prix ARS Electronica Festival in Linz, Austria), and Weather Report. He has also released a variety of works in collaboration with other artists, including Star Switch On, a collaboration with Mika Vainio of Pan Sonic, Hazard, Fennesz, AER, and Biosphere. In 2006 he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Technology degree by the University of the West of England “in recognition of his outstanding contribution to sound recording technology, especially in the field of natural history and documentary location sound”.